I Believe

by racherickson

I believe in late night walks, new shoes, and the smell of rain when it hits the hot pavement. I believe in good and that the world is inherently that — some may say that makes me naive and immature, but I believe that it makes me hopeful. I believe in homemade vanilla ice cream and the happiness a summer day brings. I believe in love at first sight, even though I’ve never been in love. I believe in the sprouts between the sidewalk because it shows that the toughest exteriors can still bring forth the simplest things in life. I believe in the bliss that can be found in a chocolate bar. I believe in the sadness of a lost goldfish because without that sadness, we would never see the joy life brings. I believe in walking barefoot, hiking farther than you should and pushing yourself to the limit. I believe in being alone because sometimes that’s all I need. I believe in the moment when the plane takes off when I feel incredible and terrified, at the same exact moment. I believe in mason jars as cups because I’m human. I believe in television, no matter how terrible it may actually be. I believe in using my bedsheets even in the summer because a part of me is still scared of monsters — even if I’m nineteen. I believe in dressing to the nines, but also dressing to the zeros. I believe in the words that are spoken, written and shown throughout the centuries because stories are beautiful. I believe in missed connections because everyone loves a good romantic comedy. I believe in pillow pets, Disneyland and blank notebooks. I believe in Netflix. I believe in new haircuts, kitchenware and recipes. I believe in baseball and making new friends. I believe in laughing until I can’t hear myself laugh anymore. I believe in freshly baked cookies and ice cold Coke Zero. I believe in the happiness of others because everyone deserves the best. But, above all else, I believe in God and I believe He listens to us, loves us, and roots for us. I believe that God believes in us.

He believes we can do great things.

And I do too.