Poetry: Pt. 2

by racherickson

Our spotlight is
the moon,
guiding us up
as the rugged stage darkens.

Two of us ahead,
instantaneously conversing,
the rush of cars;
our soundtrack.

We cautiously lead, follow,
over loose rocks and
awkward steps
shuffling into the known

Continuing on,
sharing memories,
no longer acquaintances.
My foot slips;
crumbling the stage.

We reach the end
embracing the cool mist
bouncing off the stone,
gliding through the air;
a silent applause.

Across the valley
the mountains mirror
our moon.
With a starry company
dancing around
the curve of the cliff.

I follow and
waltz down the trail,
gracefully twisting my ankle
as the night’s song ends,

with the mountains
as my audience.