rach b w-15

Ice cream enthusiast, chocolate aficionado, television advocator, Pacific Ocean fan, pizza lover, Luke Danes applauder, novel connoisseur, sandal wearer, Van Gogh commender, Canon praiser, synonym specialist.

  • I’m a 4’11” nineteen-year-old Brigham Young University student.
  • I need a step stool to see into my sock drawer.
  • I sprained my pinky once.
  • I wish wearing flats didn’t hurt so much.
  • Maybe one day I’ll paint something that doesn’t look like a kindergartener finger-painted a piece of paper with their eyes closed.
  • I’m overly passionate about the rule of thirds and colors.
  • Where there are crepês, there is Rachel.
  • Diabetes don’t get me down. Well, it gets me high & low — blood sugar wise, that is.
  • I have this weird wrist pain that I’m too stubborn to get checked out. (It’s probably from all the push-ups I do.)
  • I love to write and I hope to one day help create a television series.
  • I think most yellow candy tastes like how I’ve imagined Windex to taste.
  • Forever jealous of Lois Lane because she gets Superman and a pretty sweet reporting job.
  • The Netherlands are my favorite.

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