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I Believe

I believe in late night walks, new shoes, and the smell of rain when it hits the hot pavement. I believe in good and that the world is inherently that — some may say that makes me naive and immature, but I believe that it makes me hopeful. I believe in homemade vanilla ice cream and the happiness a summer day brings. I believe in love at first sight, even though I’ve never been in love. I believe in the sprouts between the sidewalk because it shows that the toughest exteriors can still bring forth the simplest things in life. I believe in the bliss that can be found in a chocolate bar. I believe in the sadness of a lost goldfish because without that sadness, we would never see the joy life brings. I believe in walking barefoot, hiking farther than you should and pushing yourself to the limit. I believe in being alone because sometimes that’s all I need. I believe in the moment when the plane takes off when I feel incredible and terrified, at the same exact moment. I believe in mason jars as cups because I’m human. I believe in television, no matter how terrible it may actually be. I believe in using my bedsheets even in the summer because a part of me is still scared of monsters — even if I’m nineteen. I believe in dressing to the nines, but also dressing to the zeros. I believe in the words that are spoken, written and shown throughout the centuries because stories are beautiful. I believe in missed connections because everyone loves a good romantic comedy. I believe in pillow pets, Disneyland and blank notebooks. I believe in Netflix. I believe in new haircuts, kitchenware and recipes. I believe in baseball and making new friends. I believe in laughing until I can’t hear myself laugh anymore. I believe in freshly baked cookies and ice cold Coke Zero. I believe in the happiness of others because everyone deserves the best. But, above all else, I believe in God and I believe He listens to us, loves us, and roots for us. I believe that God believes in us.

He believes we can do great things.

And I do too.


Faith & Mindy Lahiri

After two blog posts that were mostly designed for comedic relief, this one takes a different turn.

This title is an interesting one and I’m sure some of you are curious about how these two things are going to work out, so here’s the background. The idea for this post came to me while I was watching The Mindy Project, thanks to my 2-week free trial of Hulu Plus. On the episode I was watching, Mindy’s boyfriend is once again changing his profession; he was first a minister, then a DJ, and then an event planner, claiming that each of these changes was God’s plan for him.

During this discussion, she said something that really got me thinking about some of the events that I’ve seen go on around me, in the news, in my personal life and in other things. This is what she said:

“Sometimes I feel like when God is telling you to change everything, there’s a little part of you talking, too.”

Coming from a television show devoted to Mindy’s quest to find her own romantic comedy-esque love life, that has no real emphasis on religion, this is actually very applicable to people with faith.

For instance, I’m sure a lot of people out there are semi-familiar with the movement that was started by a woman in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If not, here’s a quick summary: there is a very small group of people within my church that believe that it isn’t fair that women do not hold the priesthood, which is authority given to the male members of the church. Many of these people have posted their own personal experiences, asking God about a variety of questions and have said that they know they are right and that with time, things will change.

Yes, things can change, people make mistakes, however, God doesn’t.

I really don’t want to get into this debate because there have been so many posts, opinions and comments seen over the past week, so I’ll be brief. By changing the foundational beliefs of this church, it would be changing everything, which brings me to my original quote. Sometimes these things can just be your own feelings projecting into your mind/heart, persuading you to do whatever it is that you want to do.

I understand that some people may have the impression to uproot their families and change where they live, their job, their lifestyle — I understand. I completely get it. Sometimes change is needed. Sometimes God wants these changes to happen. But here’s the catch: if it keeps happening, and you feel like all these different things HAVE to be rearranged, changed, and flipped upside down, it’s a tough call between inspiration and personal thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong, I find it incredibly difficult to discern between my own feelings and the inspiration that comes from prayer and faith, so it makes sense. I get conflicted on tough decisions because I’m stubborn and want things done MY way, but I have to remember to be patient and strive to be in tune with God. I have to remember that I need to keep my thoughts of escaping a difficult situation or high stubbornness from intertwining what God is telling me to do. Escapism has become incredibly prevalent in society, which is understandable with everything that goes on around us, however, escape isn’t the right way to approach things.

When faith is there (and even when it’s not), God is there listening and He knows what is right for you. Sometimes what is right you may agree with, other times you may not, but either way, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are the ones who are constantly changing and adapting, our opinions can evolve, personal beliefs may cause conflict and because of this, we need to be able to lean on someone who is there no matter the circumstances.

This is such a difficult subject and I don’t know if I’m even making any sense, but hopefully you understood somewhat of the message I’m trying to convey. God is good, He loves you and He knows what you need. Trust him.